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Thinking of selling your home?

Here is a simple checklist of easy, low cost upgrades that can help your home sell quickly.

Kitchen Your kitchen is considered the heart of the home. This is usually the first room potential home buyers will want to look at. For best results try to make sure this room is clean and reasonably updated.

  • Re-facing cabinets and drawers
  • Fresh coat of paint (pick neutral colours)
  • Replace faucet set
  • Replace cupboard handles
  • New appliances
  • Update sink and fixtures
  • Upgrade countertops if needed
  • Update flooring if needed
  • Update lighting fixtures
  • Update window treatments
  • Fewer obstacles in kitchen
  • Update or install new backsplash
  • Clean fridge & cupboards inside and out

Bathroom – Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are often considered the most important rooms to update.

  • Remove outdated wall coverings
  • Fresh coat of paint – neutral colour
  • Re-caulk bathtub
  • Remove/replace old shower doors
  • Replace old sinks
  • Install new medicine cabinet
  • Increase bathroom storage space if possible
  • Install new low flush toilet or new toilet seat
  • Update door knobs
  • Unclog sinks
  • Re-grout/replace tiles
  • Fix leaky toilet or sink
  • Fix any water damage
  • Update fixtures

Around the House

  • Clean or replace floor heater covers
  • Update light switches and add dimmers
  • Drywall, patch and repair walls
  • Water damage repair – if any
  • Ensure all light bulbs are new and bright
  • Ensure fireplace is clean
  • Furniture in good repair – remove excess furniture
  • Fresh coat of paint (pick neutral colours)
  • Neat and tidy surfaces (bookshelves, TV stand, top of fridge, tables etc.)
  • De-clutter – remove all personal pictures

Outside the house

  • Driveway clear
  • Junk removed – if any
  • Tide garden/flowerbed
  • Lawn mowed
  • Doggy deposits cleaned up
  • Cut any over growing greenery
  • Make sure all outdoor furniture is in good repair
  • Add an eye catching splash of color to front of house
  • Check for wood rot or water damage below outside doors

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